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Bay Laurel

This is the time of year I love the most. I love cycling in the springtime in southern California before the weather gets too hot. When the purple branched plum trees have tight pink purple blossoms. When I climb the hills and they are several hues of green, dotted with yellow mustard flowers. When jasmine and rose seem to be having have a perfume war. I purposely make my way around this one turn where I come down Kanan road and pass a row of eucalyptus trees and a few bougainvillea in my final stretch. Somewhere in there is a bay laurel bush tucked in, and I have to breath just right to catch my favorite scent. The bay laurel bush has the most delicious scent that doesn’t translate the same when it is steeped into soups or stocks. I wait for her like I am flirting with her. Bay Laurel is her name.

Elizabeth Falkner, April 21, 2022


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